Presentation of the book of IPEV member Danièle Joly on March, 12


Danièle Joly and Khursheed Wadia present their book Political and Civic engagement of Muslim women in West European Societies and will participate in a discussion with Michel Wieviorka.

“The book explores Muslim women’s political and civic engagement in Britain and France. Examining their interactions with civil society and state institutions, it provides an understanding of their develpment as political actors and of the barriers and motivators governing their action.”

Danièle Joly is Professor Emerita at the University of Warwick, UK. She is Research Associate at the Centre d’analyse et d’intervention sociologiques, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales and is attached to the Chair in Rethinking Social Justice at the Collège d’Études Mondiales, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris. She is co-leader of the IPEV working group “Women and Violence, a gendered approach: MENA region and diaspora“.
Khursheed Wadia is Principal Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, UK. She is an Overseas Research Fellow at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales and Research Associate at the Centre Migrations et Citoyenneté, Institut Français des Relations Internationales, Paris.
Michel Wieviorka is Director of studies at the School of Advanced Social Science Studies (EHESS) and chair of FMSH. He is general director of the Platform on Violence and Exiting Violence including the Observatory on radicalisations, and co-director of the International Panel on Exiting Violence. He is a member of the scentific committee of the European Research Council and founder of the journal Socio.