Valérie Robin-Azevedo: her book on exhumations and mourning in the Spanish-speaking world

Valérie Robin Azevedo is an anthropologist who specialises in Peru. Since 2014, she has been a lecturer at Paris Descartes University in the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, and she is Deputy Director of the French Centre for Cultural Anthropology.


Valérie-Robin Azevedo, is member of the working group “Reconstructing the self, comparative lessons” led by Richard Rechtman. Her research project deals with the treatment of dead people during war-time, recently published, with Anne-Marie Losonczy, a book called Retour des corps, parcours des âmes. Exhumations et deuils collectifs dans le monde hispanophone (“Return of dead bodies, journey of souls. Exhumations and mourning in the Spanish-speaking world”) .



Read the abstract on Editions Petra’s website (in French)