Reconstructing the self: comparative lessons


Richard Rechtman

Research field: anthropology, psychiatry

Institution: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)

Position: director of research

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Group members

Clara Han

Research field: anthropology, history

Institution: Johns-Hopkins University, Baltimore

Position: professor

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Emilie Medeiros

Research field: clinical anthropology, anthropology

Institution: University College, London

Position: researcher at the psychiatry department

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Hélène Dumas

Research field: Genocide of the Tutsi in Rwanda

Institution: Sciences Po, Bordeaux

Position: professor

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Lotte Buch Segal

Research field: violences, conflicts

Institution: University of Copenhagen

Position: professor

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Valérie Robin-Azevedo

Research field: conflicts and memory

Institution: Centre d’anthropologie culturelle, Université Paris-Descartes

Position: Assistant Director of the Centre d’anthropologie culturelle, Université Paris-Descartes

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