Cyril Musila

Domaine : conflicts, security, peace, international relations, economic development, regional African integration

Lieu : Institut catholique de Paris (ICP)

Poste : professor of geopolitics of African armed conflicts

Groupe : لجنة التقييم الدولية

سيرة ذاتية :

Cyril Musila holds a doctorate in social sciences from EHESS, is a geopolitics lecturer on African conflict and Peace Research and the Catholic University of Paris. He is one of the experts working on the African Union Borders programme, has served as technical coordinator for the Central Africa Initiative, technical consultant responsible for cross-border cooperation projects organised by the Regional Economic Communities, part of UNECA (the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa). He is also the mastermind for a number of initiatives and studies intended to bring about peace, safety and development in the Great Lakes region.

Publications :