Sanem Güner

Domaine : Turkish and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa, human security, Islam and democracy

Lieu : Hollings center for international dialogue, Istanbul

Poste : Assistant Director of the Hollings center for international dialogue

Groupe : لجنة التقييم الدولية

سيرة ذاتية :

Sanem is the Assistant Director of the Hollings Center for International Dialogue, a non-governmental organization established to advance dialogue between the United States and countries with predominantly Muslim populations. Her job involves researching cutting-edge issues of mutual importance to the US and the Muslim world, finding up-and-coming experts in those issues, designing these dialogue programs, and running a small grants program that amplifies the impact of the dialogues. Previously, Sanem was a program officer at the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) where her portfolio included projects on Turkey-EU relations, women's political participation in Turkey and the Middle East, Turkish rapprochement with Armenia, and the peace process in Cyprus. Sanem graduated Bryn Mawr College with a BA in Political Science, and went on to complete an MA in International Relations at Istanbul Bilgi University.

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