La Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH)



The International Panel on Exiting Violence is coordinated by the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme in Paris, a state-recognised public interest foundation, founded in 1963 by the French historian Fernand Braudel, for the purpose of promoting the humanities and social sciences at the highest multidisciplinary and international level.

The Foundation

The FMSH is the place of reference to, at the global level, reflect upon the key issues of the contemporary world. It creates synergies between the communities and international scientific networks, and fosters multidisciplinary dialogue.

Its tasks encompass the internationalisation of research, preparation and implementation of innovative research projects and the dissemination and promotion of knowledge. Dedicated to the whole humanities and social sciences community, the Foundation establishes institutional partnerships and promotes collective research infrastructures and instruments.

Within the context of its duties, the Foundation supports the creation of research platforms, which constitutes a priority regarding its scientific policy. The IPEV project takes part in the Violence and Exiting Violence Platform created in 2015, which aims at developing research and dissemination projects dedicated to exiting violence.

The Foundation is currently headed by French sociologist Michel Wieviorka.

The Violence and Exiting Violence Platform

Understanding and going beyond contemporary violence

The Violence and Exiting Violence Platform articulates and confronts two singular stages of violence: on the first hand what constitutes the entry into the phenomenon (which belongs to the Observatory on Radicalisation), and on the other hand, what constitutes its end or its exit both on individual and collective levels (which belongs to the International Observatory on Exiting Violence).

Research undertaken within the Platform considers the motives for radicalisation in France and elsewhere, in its various modalities, without limiting it to radical islam. They also address strategies and policies for prevention, conflict resolution process and exit from violence.

Created in 2015, the Violence and Exiting Violence Platform gathers the Observatory on Radicalisation and the International Observatory on Exiting Violence.