International Advisory Board

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board is made up of social science researchers, representatives from think tanks and NGOs and experts.

The IAB is also responsible for drawing up the final version of the panel’s programme – in conjunction with the Steering Committee – and reviewing the content of the final report. 

Hasni Abidi, Director of the Study and Research Centre for the Arab and Mediterranean World (CERMAM) in Geneva and member of the Global Studies Institute at the University of Geneva.

Judit Bokser Liwerant, Professor of Political Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Olivier Caron, Director General of the Centre for Strategic Training and Research (CSFRS), Paris.

Dale F. Eickelman, Professor of Anthropology and Human Relations at Dartmouth College, US.

Sanem Güner, Assistant Director of the Hollings Center for International Dialogue, Istanbul

Mary Kaldor, Professor of Global Governance and Director of the Civil Society and Human Security research unit at the London School of Economics (LES), London.

Ibrahim Malazada, Lecturer in sociology at the University of Koya, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Tarek Mitri, Director of the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut.

Cyril Musila, Professor of the Geopolitics of African Conflicts at the Catholic Institute in Paris (ICP).

Cyril Obi, Director of the African Peacebuilding Network programme at the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), New York.

William O’Neill, Director of the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum (CPPF), SSRC, New York.

Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, Chair of the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria.

Raphaël Pouyé, expert at Democracy Reporting International (DRI), Paris.

Shalini Randeria, Rector of the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna and Director and Professor of Social Anthropology and Sociology at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID), Geneva.

Heddy Riss, Programme Director at the Institute of International Studies (IIS) at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley).

Philippe Rousselot, Chair of Hestia Expertise and Senior Judge at the Court of Auditors, Paris.

Olivier Roy, Research Director at CNRS and Professor at the European University Institute (EUI), Florence.

Gonzalo Sánchez, Director of the National Centre for Historical Memory (CNMH), Bogota.

Mala Singh, Chair of the Research Development Committee of the National Research Foundation (NRF), Pretoria.

Emma Sky, Programme Director at the Jackson Institute, Yale University.



Heddy Riss

Research field: Global Violence

Institution: University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

Position: program director at the Institute of international studies (IIS)

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Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro

Research field: Syria, violence, peace, Human rigths

Institution: United Nations, New York

Position: director of the Independent international commission of inquiry for Syria

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Group members

Cyril Musila

Research field: conflicts, security, peace, international relations, economic development, regional African integration

Institution: Institut catholique de Paris (ICP)

Position: professor of geopolitics of African armed conflicts

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Cyril Obi

Research field: peace in Africa, security, development

Institution: Social science research council

Position: Director of program

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Dale F Eickelman

Research field: Arab world

Institution: Dartmouth College

Position: professor of anthropology and human relations

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Emma Sky

Research field: war in Iraq, international security

Institution: University of Yale

Position: director of program at the Jackson Institute

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Gonzalo Sánchez

Research field: democrocy and wars, violence, historical memory

Institution: Centro National de la Memoria Histórica, Bogotá

Position: director of CNMH

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Hasni Abidi

Research field: Arab world

Institution: Centre d'études et de recherche sur le monde arabe et méditerranéen à Genève

Position: Director of CERMAM

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Ibrahim Sadiq

Research field: political Islam, Nation building, peace operations

Institution: University of Koya

Position: sociology lecturer

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Judit Bokser Liwerant

Research field: collective identities in Latin America, pluralism and multiculturalism, Jewish identities, globalisation, anti-Semitism, racism, Human Rights

Institution: Universidad nacional autónoma de México

Position: professor of political science

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Mala Singh

Research field: knowledge and social changes in South Africa

Institution: National Research Foundation

Position: Head of research development committee

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Mary Kaldor

Research field: European security, global civil society, wars, Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan

Institution: London School of Economics

Position: professor of global governance and director of the Civil society and human security research unit

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Olivier Caron

Research field: relations between France and Africa, Iraqi nuclear, political military issues

Institution: Conseil Supérieur de la Formation et de la Recherche Stratégiques

Position: Head of CSFRS

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Olivier Roy

Research field: political Islam, salafism

Institution: European University of Florence

Position: research director at CNRS

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Philippe Rousselot

Research field: crisis factors, new forms of war, maintien de la paix, anticipation, intelligence

Institution: Cour des Comptes, Paris

Position: Director of Hestia Expertise, conseiller maître à la Cour des comptes

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Raphaël Pouyé

Research field: Political Anthropology of Insurgent Movements, Post-conflict peacebuilding

Institution: European Commission

Position: Senior Expert in Democracy Support

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Sanem Güner

Research field: Turkish and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa, human security, Islam and democracy

Institution: Hollings center for international dialogue, Istanbul

Position: Assistant Director of the Hollings center for international dialogue

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Shalini Randeria

Research field: civil society, social movements and NGOs

Institution: Institute of Humanities, Vienna

Position: Head of Institute of Humanities

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Tarek Mitri

Research field: religion, Human Rights

Institution: American University of Beirut

Position: Director of the Fares Institute on Public policy and international Affairs at the American University of Beirut

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William O'Neill

Research field: Human Rights, refugee law

Institution: Social Science Research Council, New York

Position: Program director

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