Between Salafism, sectarianism and violence: the new faces of radicalisation


Mohamed-Ali Adraoui

Research field: history and sociology of salafism, djihadist movements

Institution: National University of Singapore

Position: Senior Fellow at the Middle East Institute

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Group members

Dominique Thomas

Research field: Islamist mouvements

Institution: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS)

Position: Research fellow

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Elie Abouaoun

Research field: conflicts, peace building, human rights

Institution: United States Institute of Peace

Position: director of MENA programs

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Giuseppe Merone

Research field: islam politique, salafisme, jihadisme

Institution: Ghent University

Position: chercheur au Middle East and North Africa Research Group, Ghent University

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Marc Sageman

Research field: Radicalisation

Institution: Washington

Position: independent researcher

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Sari Hanafi

Research field: political and economic sociology of the Palestinian diaspora and refugees, transitional justice

Institution: American University of Beirut

Position: chair of the department of sociology, anthropology and media studies

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Zoltan Pall

Research field: social movement theory, the evolution and dynamics of Salafism in Lebanon and Kuwait, and the logic of Salafi transnational networking between the Arabian Gulf and Southeast Asia

Institution: National University of Singapore

Position: researcher at the Middle-East Institute

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