6 publicationes mayores sobre la salida de la violencia

Bibliography From Working Group on de-radicalisation(1)


1- Ann-Sophie Hemmingsen, An introduction to the Danish approach to countering and preventing extremism and radicalization, DIIS Report 2015

Link: http://www.diis.dk
Abstract: Introductory overview of the main actors and initiatives in the Danish approach to countering and preventing extremism and radicalization, and to the foundations on which it is build. It also discusses the main dilemmas, challenges and criticisms with which the approach is faced with the aim of contributing to its further development.

2- Bartolomeo Conti, L’islam en Italie, Les leaders musulmans entre intégration et séparation, L’Harmattan, 2014

Link: editions-harmattan.fr
Abstract: Italy became a country of immigration by the ends of the 70’s, which deeply modified society, especially its religious overview.This book tries to define how to foster inclusion.

3- Fredrick Ogenga, From Al-Qaeda to Al-Shabaab : the global and local implications of terror in Kenya and East Africa, Institute for Democracy, Governance, Peace and Development in Africa, 2015

Link: journals.co.za
Abstract: Kenyan media has used a Western approach to journalism by sensationalizing incidences of terrorism. This has resulted in a surge of terror creating hysteria in the minds of audiences and undermining governmental efforts to defeat terrorism.

4- Phil Gurski, Western foreign fighters: the threat to homeland and international security, Rowman and Littlefield, 2017

Abstract: Written in an accessible manner by a repyted expert on terrorism and radicalization, the text will appeal to anyone seeking to understand why people join terrorist groups and the threats they represent to their homeland.

Link: https://rowman.com

5- Rahma Dualeh, Countering violent extremism in the horn of Africa, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs: Conflicts & Security, 2015

Link: journal.georgetown.edu/countering-violent-extremism-in-the-horn-of-africa

Abstract: Formulation of 5 recommendations to counter violent terrorism in the Horn of Africa, from recommendations to development practicionners to the preventive mindset state actors should adopt.

6- Shashi Jayakumar, State, Society and National Security: Challenges and opportunities in the 21st century, Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd, 2016

Link: https://www.rsis.edu.sg

Abstract: Addressing the complexities of radicalisation, resilience, cyber, and homeland security, the book sheds light on what has changed in recent years security discourse, what has worked or not, and what the potential further evolutions within each domain might be.