The panel has produced an analytical report offering recommendations to international, regional and national institutions, policy-makers, NGOs representatives and practitioners on the issue of exiting violence. The goal of this report is to establish joint strategies and identify good practices for exiting violence as well as offering a new field of research.

The IPEV Final Report presents the results of IPEV’s nine working groups which are the fruit of two years of international and interdisciplinary collaborations. It aims at thinking the exit of violence, at the various levels where it is used (deradicalisation, disengagement, reconciliation, memories of groups and individuals, etc.).

With a constant concern to articulate a critical approach to practical recommendations, this report is aimed not only at the academic community, but also at the political world and civil society stakeholders.

The report is divided in 9 chapters:


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Today, a Childrens’ Playground. A view behind the towering accommodation blocks either side of the avenue known as Maala Straight. Here these youngsters, playing football, jockey for position during a ‘ Throw-In ‘.
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