Transition from violence: lessons from the MENA region

8 live conversations, from May 18 to June 29, 2021
11AM New York | 5PM Paris | 6PM Amman

The current pandemic has increased the level of misery and dislocation in the MENA region amid fears that desperate current circumstances may trigger more violence. At the same time, it may also present new opportunities for a more peaceful future in the MENA region and even a more hopeful model for the rest of the world.

Join the one-hour conversations with prominent experts and academics to discuss these risks and opportunities. 


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18 May 2021

Navigating the Transition from Violent Radicalization in the Context of Autocracy

Access the live stream! This conversation will explore the emergence of radicalization within contemporary Islam that further complicates efforts to…

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08 June 2021

The Pandemic as a Magnifying Glass

What Conditions that Prevent Ending Violence Can We Now See More Clearly? This conversation focuses on the ways in which…

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29 June 2021

What hope for a peaceful future?

A decade after the Arab Spring events, with the new wave of uprisings starting 2019 and the relentless attack of Covid 19,…

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