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Seizing the Opportunities Created by the Pandemic Crisis

15 June 2021
11 AM New York | 5 PM Paris | 6 PM Amman

Exploring the Emergence in the MENA Region of New Models of Governance and Leadership

This live conversation will review common problems and concerns across the MENA region that create momentum for new stakeholder alliances and collective approaches to the popular goal of reducing and eliminating violence.

Many seasoned observers see promising new opportunities to reduce violence emerging that use tools and strategies not available in previous eras, such as social networks and other modern technologies.

Participants in this conversation will draw attention to research projects that can accelerate a shared understanding of new opportunities in the MENA region to move toward substantial reductions in violence, and what can other regions learn from similar research questions.

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This conversation has been moderated by Hal Plotkin, a founding editor of the U.S. public radio program, Marketplace, and a former Senior Policy Advisor in the administration of President Barack Obama.