The IPEV project continues to exist but in the form of sustainable partnerships with those who have accompanied us over the past few years and new ones. This reveals the willingness of the FMSH and its partners to keep promoting in MENA universities : social science research on IPEV issues, capacity building of researchers in print media articles or blogs, and their involvement in international research networks.

4 partners will focus on implementing a certain number of actions during 18 months (July 2021 to december 2022) to sustain the IPEV project.


The CERI (International Reasearch Center) at Sciences Po Paris, directed by M. Alain Dieckhoff, is our new partner. Through the funding of an 8 month research contract at CERI for the year 2021-2022 (from November 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022), IPEV researcher Mohamed-Ali will carry out a certain number of actions on his research field that consist of

  • deepening his work on the recompositions of contemporary Islamic radicalisms
  • writing and finalising a book on US policy towards the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Preparing an article for the CERI Studies

The Columbia Global center in Amman directed by Safwan M. Masri, will support 6 scholars working in the social sciences on themes related to exiting violence. This virtual fellowship program aims to involve researchers –including young researchers- from the MENA region and provide them with opportunities to investigate how to exit violence by analyzing the processes involved in exiting violence as part of an ongoing dialogue with policy-makers and practitioners. Fellows will therefore be part of the International Panel on Exiting Violence (IPEV). They are expected to produce and publish articles.


The Columbia Global Center in Amman will set up a training workshop delivered by the Columbia Writing Center and/or Journalism school whereas UNIMED, the Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED) directed by M. Marcello Scalisi, which counts 138 universities based in 23 countries of both shores of the Mediterranean, will organize a workshop in 2022 during the UNIMED assembly that will bring together UNIMED researchers and researchers from other institutions, taking place in Jordan on October 2022.


The Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS), a regional non-profit organization based in Beirut, Lebanon and led by Seteney Shami, will create a new working group on themes related to exiting violence entitled « Contexts of Violence in the Arab Region ». The working group will focus on regional and country perspectives on the strategies employed by states, societies and actors to navigate these predicaments in the Arab region.

It will include experienced researchers as well as students from BA, MA and PhD levels at regional universities.


UNIMED is organizing a capacity building activity during the UNIMED week that will take place in Brussels on Spring 2022