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Civil Society, Youth and Academia: A Necessary Axis for a Successful Transition in Reducing Violence in the MENA Region

22 June 2021
11 AM New York | 5 PM Paris | 6 PM Amman

The current situation in the MENA region, where local governments can count on dramatically constrained capacities to alleviate social problems experienced by distressed local populations, has elicited new strategies for “transitioning from violence”.

Innovative answers for favoring this transient are urgently needed in order to alleviate sufferance in the whole region. Three different national perspectives: Lebanon, Libya and Palestine, to offer different solutions with respect to each national context with the aim of contributing in offering a regional perspective. Not to mention the relationship between civil society, youth and academia, a necessary axis for achieving a successful transition from violence. 

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This conversation will be moderated by Hal Plotkin, a founding editor of the U.S. public radio program, Marketplace, and a former Senior Policy Advisor in the administration of President Barack Obama. 

This conversation is organized in partnership with IPEV sustainability partner Unimed

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Vignette credit : Demonstrasi Libya Firdaus Latif/Flickr,CC BY-SA 2.0