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Arab Uprisings: The Evolution of Arab Society

01 June 2021
11 AM New York | 5 PM Paris | 6 PM Amman

The Arab Uprisings: The Evolution of Arab Society conversation seeked to examine the restructuring of Arab societies post the 2011 Arab protests considering the increasing demographic shift of the region, and the evolution of the youth bulge.

The panel investigate how Arab youth are responding to the increasing social polarization that eventuated post the Arab revolts. Our experts explore the MENA region’s trajectory into a new decade by studying strategies and tools employed by youth to bridge ideological gaps, resolve religious and ethnic tensions, and formulate a new social contract.

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This conversation has been moderated by Hal Plotkin, a founding editor of the U.S. public radio program, Marketplace, and a former Senior Policy Advisor in the administration of President Barack Obama

This conversation was organized in partnership with IPEV sustainability partner Columbia Global Centers

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Vignette credit : Arab Spring Poster thekirbster/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)