Mohamad Moustafa Alabsi

  • Position Postdoctoral Fellow - Mellon Fellowship Program, Columbia Global Centers | Amman
  • Biography

    Mohamad Moustafa Alabsi is PhD in political philosophy/Grenoble-Alpes University. He is currently a “Postdoctoral Fellow, Mellon Fellowship Program, Columbia Global Centers | Amman” and an associate member of Grenoble Institute of Philosophy (IPhiG).

    In his PhD thesis he considers the theoretical and practical relationship between Regime and State in the Middle East from the theory of the State point of view. His main emphases discuss the unsettled notions such of “revolution/civil war”, “legality/legitimacy”, “theory of dictatorship and of civil society”. The author is preparing a free online course on the “Arab Political Regime and State’ with a focus on the historical future of the Arab Spring.

    #IpevLive session – June 1, 2021 Arab Uprisings: The Evolution of Arab Society