Welcome to our podcast collection featuring conversations with MENA experts and academics on transition from violence in the MENA region.


#IpevLive – Transition from violence: lessons from the MENA region
8 expert conversations

Moderated by Hal Plotkin  – Voice-over: Naïma Benallal

Ipev conversation #7 | The Uses and Abuses of Memory: Case Study on Palestine and Israel

Ipev conversation #6 |Civil Society, Youth and Academia: A Necessary Axis for a Successful Transition in Reducing Violence in the MENA Region

Ipev conversation #5 |Seizing the Opportunities Created by the Pandemic

Ipev conversation #4 |The Pandemic as a Magnifying Glass

Ipev conversation #3 | Arab Uprisings: The Evolution of Arab Society

Ipev conversation #2 | Listening to Women in the MENA Region Before and After the Arab Spring

Ipev conversation #1 | Navigating the Transition from Violent Radicalization in the Context of Autocracy

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Arab springs and the Israel-Palestine conflict [french audio]