Dr Erol Saglam is a social anthropologist working on masculinities, bureaucracies, statecraft, and societal violence as well as on collective memory and intangible cultural heritage. After his undergraduate and MA studies in political science at Bogazici University in Istanbul, he completed his doctoral research at Birkbeck, University of London in 2017. After his PhD, Dr Saglam worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm University and, as of 2021, Freie Universität Berlin. He is currently a lecturer at Istanbul Medeniyet University as of 2020 and a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge.

Dr Saglam’s work at Columbia Global Centers | Amman explores the intersections of the circulation of conspiracy theories and the worrying prevalence of societal violence against political dissidents, minorities, and foreigners. Drawing on the findings of ethnographic research and focus groups, the research is to generate insights into potential strategies to curb the spread of conspiracy theories and, by doing that, to de-escalate nationalist/xenophobic paranoia and violence.

Research Topic

Tackling Paranoia and Violence at Once: How to Address Everyday Authoritarianization, Conspiracy Theories, and Societal Violence in Contemporary Turkey.

Erol Saglam is laureates of the Fellowship program on exiting violence, the IPEV sustainability projets led by the Global Center Amman

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