Bahman Nariman is one of the founders of the intellectual research of the Hajan centre and of the Jiyar Centre. He was a member of the Rwanga u Rakhna magazine from 2002 to 2003, dealing with civilisation, religion and political Islam.

He is since 2005 an active redactor of Chawder newspaper, dealing with religion, political Islam and religious phenomenon.

He has organised a 2 days conference in relation with political Islam in 2013 in Sulaymaniyah. It was the first time for a conference to deal with the political Islam and Islamists in Kurdistan.

He has managed the 2nd conference of Dabran foundation in 2015 about the issues of political Islam, the educational issues, violence and secularism.

He is also a member of the scientific committee of the 2nd conference of Dabran foundation in 2016 in Sulaymaniyah.