Dominique THOMAS has a Master from INALCO (Paris) in 1995 in Arab Studies and a Master in Middle East Studies from IEP (Paris) in 2001. He was then a teacher and coordinator in charge of educational programs at the French General Consulate in Jerusalem, within the French Cultural Center of Gaza (1995-1998).

He is currently research fellow at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris, associated with the programs of the EHESS’s center (Institute for Islamic Studies and Societies in the Islamic World). As expert, he also wrote several files of analysis on the radical Jihadist movement for for many European Think tanks and French public institutions.

After working for a long time on the jihadist groups based in the Arabian Peninsula and on the jihadist scene in London, his research issues are currently focused on radical political Islam, especially its evolution since the Arab revolts. He is the author of several books on these issues, including his latest publication, “Jihadist Generations, Al-Qaeda and Islamic State, History of a Fratricidal Struggle” (Michalon, October 2016). He has also contributed to several articles in both French and Arabic press newspapers and reviews.