Faris Nadhmi obtained his Ph.D. in Social Psychology (Relative Deprivation, Social Identity and Protest Action by Unemployed in Iraq) from Baghdad University 2009. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Salahaddin University in Erbil, Iraq. His research to date has primarily focused on identifying the deprivation and injustice variables that may predict the collective action either normative or non- normative action. Meanwhile he is interested in the dynamics of the identity crises (national and ethnic), and how such identities have been severely affected by politicizing the religion in the middle east. Over the last fifteen years he participated in over 35 conference papers and presentations, as well as several journal publications and books, with many others in preparation for publication in various journals and press houses. Finally he is one of the founders of the Iraqi Association for Political Psychology (IAPP), and nominated recently to be the president of it. His latest published book is “The Psychology of Protest in Iraq” 2017.


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