Gonzalo Sanchez Gomez

  • Position director of CNMH
  • Biography

    Historian, MA University of Essex (England), Political Sociology Doctorate, School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (Paris, France), Professor Emeritus of the Institute of International Relations and Political Studies of the National University of Colombia. He has worked as a guest lecturer in the Department of History at Duke University (USA); at the Sorbonne and the School for Advanced Studies in Paris; at the Institute of Latin American Studies at the University of Texas and as British Academy Visiting Fellow in the Department of History at University College London. He has been awarded the Gerardo Molina Order by the National University of Colombia, the Martin Diskin Memorial Lectureship by the Latin American Studies Association “For the Integration of Scholarship and Activism” (Miami, 2000), and he received an Honourable Mention at the 54th International Congress of Americanists in Vienna (2012). He was Director of the National Commission for Reparation and Reconciliation’s Historical Memory Group and is currently the Director-General of Colombia’s National Centre for Historical Memory. In 2016 he was awarded the National Peace Prize, under the category “Leadership for Peace”.