Jean-Luc RACINE, a PhD from Sorbonne University, is Emeritus CNRS Senior Fellow at the Centre for South Asian Studies (School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences -EHESS- Paris), and Senior Fellow at Asia Centre, a Paris based think tank.

His current research addresses two main issues: the internal and external dynamics of emerging India, and the geopolitics of South Asia, including the Kashmir issue, the regional and security policy in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the impact of China’s active policies in South Asia.

He has been part of second track circuits for many years. He speaks regularly in Asian and European institutions dedicated to international affairs or security studies, and appears in French and English speaking medias on South Asian affairs.

He has written or edited more than a dozen of books on India and on South Asia, including Cachemire, au péril de la guerre, a book published in Paris (Autrement Publishers, Paris, 2002). His last edited books in French have been focussed on “India and Asia” (CNRS Editions, Paris, 2009) and, as a special issue of the geopolitical journal Herodote, on the “Geopolitics of Pakistan” (2010). He has been also editor of the Asia Yearbook (Annuaire Asie) published by the French Government Press (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).