Mohamed-Ali Adraoui

  • Position Fellow at the Centre for International Studies, London School of economics
  • Biography

    Mohamed-Ali Adraoui is a French political scientist and a historian of international relations.

    His main fields of research have to do with contemporary Salafism and Jihadism, with a focus on the conditions under which sociological and ideological radicalization processes may happen.

    He is also working on International Relations. His current research project tackles the issue of the history of the US foreign policy towards the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

    His publications have appeared in journals such as: International Affairs, International Politics, Journal of Historical Sociology, Mediterranean Politics and the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs.

    His book on the globalization of Salafism has been released in 2020 at Oxford University Press.

    Within the International Panel on Exiting Violence, he has run the working group on Salafism, Jihadism and Radicalization.

    #IpevLive session – May 18, 2021 Navigating the Transition from Violent Radicalization in the Context of Autocracy