Philippe Rousselot

  • Position Director of Hestia Expertise, conseiller maître à la Cour des comptes
  • Biography

    Philippe Rousselot is a Senior Member of the French Court of Auditors. After initially following a career as an officer in the French air force, which he joined in 1982, he joined the Financial Court in 1994. His professional path leads him to specialise in international relations, national security and research matters. He holds a doctorate in African history, used to work as an auditor at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology, and in 2014 created the think tank Hestia Expertise, under the auspices of the College of World Studies (as Applied Geopolitics Professor) at the FMSH. The think tank focus, in particular, on putting into context the challenges posed by current or future crises, and on national security. Philippe Rousselot studies how national and international public authorities can have a hand in avoiding violence (anticipating outbreaks or acts of violence, peace-keeping, and so on). He teaches at the Paris Institute of Political Studies on the subject of special war.