Sara Liwerant, a criminal lawyer and criminologist, has, since 1995, been working in the prison area as a researcher at Paris Nanterre University’s Centre for Criminal Law and Criminology. To carry out research on mass murders at the same time, she joined the socio-anthropology sphere, including by joining Paris’ Legal Anthropology Laboratory. What is more, she has combined this with work in Peru, where she has sought to turn the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations into public policy.
She became a university lecturer in criminal law and criminology in 2006, but has also given legal anthropology classes at Paris I University and at the University of Lubumbashi’s School of Criminology, and she has served as Editor-in-Chief of Law and Cultures.

Since 2009, she has been working and living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she has provided consultancy services to different Ministries of Justice and Human Rights for five years, focusing, above all, on international crimes and criminal and prison reforms. At present, she is on secondment at the University of Kinshasa, where she leads research on urban violence, and she works as a consultant for the United Nations, which she helps to monitor the peace agreements for the Democratic Republic of Congo.