Soran Mahmood is a religion expert and researcher. He was chief editor of Hazhan academic journal, and Payami Rasty journal. He was the administrator of the Islamic writers union, administrator of researching office in the Islamic Union party, administrator of the Islamic Union media centers. He has established the Kranawa project to research and clarify Islamic concepts in a modern form different from the Islamic Union’s principles and concepts on religion. It is worth mentioning that he had left the Islamic Union before that in 1999. In addition, the purpose behind his project is to conduct researches on terrorism and the way out of terrorism. He also runs a television program currently on NRT channel about Islam and coexistence. He is in the consultant group of Dabran platform. He finished college at the Mosul University, science department-physics. He then studied international politics at the University of Najaf and gained his master’s degree. He has published a book by the name of creation of terrorism, translated a book by Mohammad Shahroor on Islam under the name of religion and power, another book by Ismail Shatti under the name of Islamists and modern state, a book by George Tarabishi under the name of from Islam in Qur’an to Islam in Hadeeth, and a four volume book about the Islamic philosophy (translation in progress).