Our sustainability partner, Columbia Global Center in Amman is pleased to announce the selection of 7 candidates for the six-month virtual fellowship program on exiting violence.

Through this program, Columbia Global Center in Amman aims to involve researchers, including young researchers, from the MENA region, and provide them with opportunities to investigate how to exit violence by analyzing the processes involved in exiting violence as part of an ongoing dialogue with policy-makers and practitioners.


  • Erol Saglam, social anthropologist, Lecturer (tenured), Department of Sociology, Istanbul Medeniyet University, Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge,
    Working on Tackling Paranoia and Violence at Once: How to Address Everyday Authoriarinization, Conspiracy Theories and Societal Violence in Contemporary Turkey?

  • Mira Al Hussein, PhD at the University of Cambridge,
    Working on GBV and domestic workers’ abuse.

  • Abolfazl Fasihi, working on The Taliban: From the myth of leadership to the myth of Jihad.

  • Ammar Kandeel, French Language and Culture Teacher at the French Institute of Jordan,
    Working on Decentralized Cultural and Artistic “Safe Spaces”: GarageArt as a case study in Jordan.

  • Liyana Kayali, lecturer at the Australian national University,
    Working on 3 aspects: A “Third Way”: Radical Incrementalism as a Transformative Mode of Resistance Between Direct Action and Inert ‘Resilience’ in the Occupied Palestinian Territories ; Women’s Political Activism in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Navigating Gendered Palestinian Authority and Israeli Repression ; Reimagining Alternative Feminist Possibilities in Palestine: Subverting the Human- Security Paradigm through Local Approaches
  • Ahmed Abozaid, doctoral researcher at the University of St Andrews,
    Working on Investigating State Violence in Egypt from a Khaldounian Perspective.

  • Kameal Alahmad, Junior Research Fellow at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies
    Working on The politics of political violence in the Gulf region.