The latest issue of “Violence: an International Journal” was published last April. It is composed of 7 articles, an interview on contemporary political violence and a conversation about art, memory and disappearance in Mexico.

The 7 articles deal with different issues related to different geographical zones, among them one of the biggest political act of violence of the last few years in America: the attack on the US capitol.

Table of contents


Decline, radicalization and the attack on the US Capitol
Andrew H. Kydd

Slippage: Bones, intentions, and the construction of memorial meaning
Bridget Conley

Context-specificity of violence: Physical, psychological, and social dimensions of harm during the Taliban’s insurgency (2007–2009) in Pakistan

From carceral punitivism to systematic killing: The necropolitics of policing in post-Chávez Venezuela
Rebecca Hanson and Verónica Zubillaga

A novel approach for understanding trauma-related youth violence in low resource contexts: A retrospective case file review in Northern Ireland
Colm Walsh, Kelvin Doherty and Paul Best

“The priests do their best to inflame the people.” Religious actors in Ireland, 1800–1845: Instigators of violence or peacemakers? Karina Bénazech Wendling Religion, war, and peace in premodern Islamicate polities and the Christian West
Philippe Buc


What is contemporary political violence? An interview with Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou
Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou and Mohamed-Ali Adraoui


Art, memory, and disappearance in contemporary Mexico: A conversation with Alfredo López Casanova
Alfredo López Casanova, Sabrina Melenotte and Verónica Vallejo Flores

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Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons, Tear Gas outside United States Capitol on 6 January 2021, Tyler Merbler, DSC09523-2