On March 14th, the seminar Sociology of conflict led by Michel Wieviorka and Hervé Le Bras, in collaboration with the seminar Violence and Exiting Violence, will have a special session with the intervention of Marc Sageman (a member of the working group Between Salafism, sectarism and violence: the new faces of radicalisation) about the issue “How to define terrorism?”

The event will take place at Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH, room A3-35, 54 boulevard Raspail, Paris).

Before the event, you can already read the interview with Marc Sageman and Michel Wieviorka in The Conversation: Terrorism, radicalisation and Islam: Michel Wieviorka in conversation with Marc Sageman

You can also watch the video of the last conference of Marc Sageman for the seminar (in French):