Francisco Barroso

  • Position Head of Department of Political & Administrative Sciences - School of Law and Political Sciences, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
  • Biography

    Dr. Francisco Salvador Barroso Cortés is Associate Professor and Head of Department of Political and Administrative Sciences of the School of Law and Political Sciences at USEK. Barroso holds a Ph.D. in Political Science with a specialization in the field of Security and Defense studies.

    Barroso has extensive experience in teaching and research at the international level. Barroso delivers different graduate courses on Geopolitics, Strategy Security, Defense, and Diplomacy in the master programs organized by the Higher Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences. His areas of focus include security and defense policies, critical geopolitics, geostrategy, insurgency, para-diplomacy, foreign policy analysis, political violence, and the Transformation of the Military and Security fields.

    He is the author of different peer review papers and chapters of books on Geopolitics of Lebanon and the Middle East, Euro Mediterranean Relations, Public Governance, authoritarianism, and corruption.

    His latest publications inlcude:

    Barroso Cortés, Francisco Salvador (2019):” The Challenge of the Non-Circulation Norms in the Management of the Syrian Refugees in Lebanon”, USEK Law Journal, Publications USEK (PUSEK), N°19.

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