Kherieh Rassas

  • Position Vice President for International and External Affairs, An-Najah University
  • Biography

    Kherieh Rassas is the Vice President for International and External Affairs at An-Najah University since 2007 and a Board Member of An-Najah University Hospital. Served as the Personal Advisor to Former Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah (2013-2019).

    Within this role, kherieh had initiated the legislation of: Public Health Law, Bioequivalence Law, Organ
    Transplant law, Medical Malpractice and Safety Law, Women’s civil rights law amendments and
    commenced the process to introduce Autism and Special needs law.

    Kherieh was also in charge of Strategic Planning and Development, Diplomatic Relations, and the mouthpiece to the Prime Minister.

    #IpevLive session – June 22, 2021
    Civil society, youth and academia: a necessary axis for a successful transition in reducing violence in the MENA region